5 Reasons to Buy men’s Innerwear Online in India

5 Reasons to Buy men’ s Innerwear Online in India

The apparel industry has witnessed a multi-fold growth with the growth of e-commerce, enabling big brands to reach small towns and allowing small brands grow at a national scale. With more and more people buying innerwear online, it only becomes obvious that men also start buying their underwear online. So, Many mens innerwear online store and e-commerce platforms allow men to buy their undergarments online.

Here are some reasons to buy innerwear for men online in India.


Buying innerwear online offers men a lot of convenience for working men who spend long working hours, often do not get time to visit retail outlets to buy their innerwear. Mens underwear online store allows men to buy their innerwear from online stores like Live In Pride from the comfort of their home and offices. SO, People can buy their innerwear by simply logging to mens innerwear online store and purchase their innerwear with the click of a button. The products and innerwear bought online can be delivered to their homes without them having to visit the retail store.

Discounts and Offers

Mens underwear online store offer more discounts and offers as compared to retail and brick and mortar stores. Mens innerwear online store have lower overheads and expenses as compared to retail and brick, and mortar stores. Hence can pass on their cost savings to the consumers. So, allowing online stores to offer innerwear at lower rates and prices as compared to retail stores and brick, and mortar stores with various mens underwear online offer.

Product Variety and Design

Retail and brick and mortar stores have limited storage area and shelf space to display and store product, hereby have limited stock in the store. Due to this, retail stores and brick and mortar stores can offer only a limited variety of design, brands, patterns and colours. Whereas, mens innerwear online store do not have the space limitation of retail stores and hence can offer a wide array of product variety, design, colours and patterns in innerwear.

Live in Pride offers consumers multiple options for buying their underwear online regarding pattern, sizes, colours and multi-pack sizes.

Privacy and Discreet Shopping

Innerwear such as underwear and other innerwear are often personal, and private purchases and people might not be comfortable buying their innerwear within a retail environment with other people around them. So, Live In Mens underwear online store offers consumers the privacy of buying their innerwear discreetly from the comfort of their homes. Innerwear delivered is also packed in a discreet manner.

mens innerwear Subscription Services

Innerwear is the most worn clothing article and hence undergoes a lot of wear and tear, needing constant replacement. Mens underwear online store offers consumers a subscription service wherein the specified quantity of new innerwear is delivered periodically to the consumer’s residence, thereby saving them the time and effort of visiting a retail outlet or making online purchases now and then. This saves time and effort, and these services are not offered b retail stores.

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