4 Unusual Way Under Wear Affects Your Health

Did you ever know that your underwear can be the major reason for serious health concerns if they’re too wet or too tight? If you wear tight underwear, it can lead to a yeast infection and irritation around your vaginal area. Breathable fabrics should be the most preferred ones when you’re looking for ideal underwear that provides both comfort and ultimate hygiene. Ladies especially have a more delicate and sensitive vaginal area.Cheap ladies undergarment can lead to infection and discomfort. If you choose synthetic materials like spandex and nylon, they don’t allow your skin to breathe and lead to the growth of yeast and breeds infections. While picking ideal underwear don’t just focus on the fit and fabric but also on the way you wear it. This means that you shouldn’t wear the same undergarment for two days or more than that. You need to change your undergarment each day to ensure health and hygiene to your genital area.

Here are four unusual ways underwear affects your health. Keep reading ahead to ensure that you don’t face the same problem around your genital area because of these mistakes in choosing your underwear.

G-Strings can lead to E.Coli infection

Most people don’t know which type of undergarment can be the best suited to maintain your vaginal health.But, If you choose a G-String that is loose or too tight, it will not only cause discomfort but will also lead to the spread of E.Coli in your vaginal area. Thongs generally slide around your vaginal area when they don’t fit well. This can transfer the harmful E.Coli from the anus to your vaginal area and Make sure to opt for a G-String that fits well and doesn’t slide here and there. This doesn’t mean that you can choose an extremely tight G-String. It should be well fitted according to your comfort. Whenever you go to ladies undergarment shops choose the underwear that ensures comfort and hygiene.

Tight undergarment leads to yeast infection

If you have not been concerned about the fit of your undergarment, then you need to know that really tight underwear can lead to skin irritation and yeast infection
Because your vaginal area skin is quite thinner. Therefore, it’s absolutely important that your underwear fits you correctly.

Choosing unbreathable fabrics can lead to bacterial infection

The nylon and spandex fabric might seem to be quite attractive in look, but when it comes to comfort, nothing can beat cotton fabric. So, You should always stick to breathable fabrics to stay away from vaginal irritation and infection. Cotton can be your best friend when it comes to wearability and comfort and what more can you get with its breathable finish. You can even pick the cotton undies fromladies undergarment saleat cheap rates.

Washing your undies with scented detergent causes irritation

Do you know that washing your undies with scented detergent can lead to major vaginal irritation? The skin around your vagina is quite sensitive and thin. Heavy perfumes present in your laundry products can lead to serious itching and irritation. So ditch these scented detergents while washing your underwear and ensure complete health and hygiene.

So next time you’re buying ladies undergarment online take care of these small yet important tips.

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