The Different Technologies used in men’s underwear

“Different technologies in men’s underwear ! Really! Oh my gosh, this is actually wild, I didn’t have a clue about this, will be the first reaction produced in our head. Brace yourself for an infotainment ride about how gadget based, today’s underwear has become.

Technology complimented with an innovative train of thought pushed the limits of what a thing can do. Thinking from this new perception and applying this to the prime clothing of men, “the underwear”.

Underwear in Space

Ever wondered how Astronauts deal with this segment of clothing, where there is no water? The answer to this question is innovated by a team of scientists who have teamed up with astronauts, who developed a new line of garments which can be used for weeks in one single stretch without the requirement for washing. As they must go days without swapping their clothes, this new line of undergarments made from Astro-fabric and are flameproof, odor resistant and has a quality of quick drying. Find these super cool model undergarments and buy men’s underwear, space edition.

Wired underwear

GPS installed undergarments are the new high. In 2008, Lucia Iorio tried this idea for fun. Little did she know that her idea is going to make people bonkers. Especially in cities, where kidnapping is frequent. All well said the GPS feature is completely under control of the user.

Just try buying men’s underwear online, it’s an easy and smart way.

The glow in dark idea

Advancement in technology makes everything possible. Lab scientists now know the way to make charged phosphors and hot radium. Imagine becoming a part of science fiction wearing this new age design philosophy. All you need to do is order this from men’s underwear online. The best thing is when you need to charge your underwear by catching sun rays in it, be careful with neighbours they might judge you. Thinking about how long will the “glow” last, find the answer by yourself a new glowing garment, search for “men underwear online” there will be many paths which will lead your desired stop.

Common man’s point of view.

1 Support-Before designing anything, the purpose of the product should be verified. As we all know the basic design thinking will revolver around efficient ways it supports your manhood.

2 Breathable-Being suffocated in sensitive areas is something which everyone hates, so buy breathable underwear at discounted men’s underwear section

3 Lightweight– Bunching or sagging up for weight is least required down there, so buy men’s underwear which is lightweight in nature too. Get them at discount in man’s underwear section online.

4 Cool -Having some air flow mechanism will provide ventilation to your body.

5 Durability -The best one is always the one which lasts longer. Buy the best at discounted men’s underwearsectiononline

6 Tailored– Nothing feels cozier than having your own tailor-made undergarments. There are many sites which offer this service, so what are you waiting for, buy men’s underwear tailor fit. Undergarments often play a huge role in all of our everyday life. It is the basic personal hygiene one need to take care of. From covering your sweat stains to providing you with extra cozy comfort, underwear plays their part quite well.

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