Frequently Asked Qestions

What is Live(in)Pride?

Live(in)Pride is the sister brand of the famous brand Live(in) which is one of the leading manufacturers of jeans & trousers with highest production in casual wear. With Live(in)Pride, the company has entered in the business of innerwear. You can get our own brand’s inner garments at high discounts. With our Live(in)Pride subscription plan & One time buy offer.

Why should I get a Live(in)Pride Pack of 7?

Most of us usually use our inner garments even after the expiry date of it has passed. Mostly people also ignore the hygiene that you should care about with your inner wear. Live(in) Pride- Pack of 7 solves all these problems. Here you will get 7 set of briefs and 7 sets of vests (depending upon your choice of pack) one for each day, which you can use for 4 months, after which you will get a new box with brand new undergarments for next 4 months. So you don’t have to worry about over-using your underwear or washing it every day to maintain the hygiene.

How does Live(in)Pride Subscription works?

Step 1: Sign up for Live(in) Pride Subscription Package.

Step2: Pay Rs 150 as Sign up Fee & get your first Pack of 7 free.*

Step 3: Get your second Pack of 7 on 5th month at a discounted price.

Step 4: Get your third Pack of 7 on 9th month at a discounted price.

*If subscription is cancelled after delivery of first free pack, a cancellation fee amounting to at-the-moment price of the product would be charged.

Can I buy an individual pack?

Please use Single Pack Option to get one Pack of 7 pieces.

What is the mode of Payment?

Subscription Package: Credit Card Only. You wont be charged for one year subscription in one go. Pay a sign up fee for just Rs 150 through your credit card, and get the first Pack of 7, free.Pay again at the time of dispatch of your second Pack of 7 (in 5th month), and at the dispatch of your third Pack of 7. (9th month).

One Time Buy: Credit Card, Debit Card, E-banking. Pay like any other online purchase.

I want the box only once, why should I get the annual subscription?

You can go for One Time buy option, and get one pack of 7 at a discounted price. But if you go for annual subscription, you get one Live(in) Pride Pack of 7 free of cost, and the rest two at discounted price.